A tech savvy vet marketer

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We talk to many vets who are struggling to get their heads around the entire veterinary marketing approach online. But every now and then we reach a vet office that really has their act together online. This is fun for us as we speak their language.

Today we spoke to a clinic that clearly has a veterinary marketing strategy that emphasizes online channels. They knew all of their target keywords and were ranked at the top of Google for each one. They track their rankings religiously as they have discovered that the real estate at the top of the Google search results is really helpful for their business.

We are guessing that they are a younger practice. Not to generalize, but it seems that the younger vets are adapting more quickly to vet marketing ideas that utilize the Internet as a primary customer attraction mechanism. We think this will change as more and more people abandon the yellow pages as their means to find a vet online and move to Google as their online Rolodex.