Are you on the cutting edge

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Many vets are not on the cutting edge of technology. They got into pet care because they love medicine and animals. This has very little to do with technology. While this is very understandable, there are serious problems in the average vet marketing strategy that evolve as a result.

Specifically, vets who don’t understand Internet technology are unlikely to pursue a web-focused veterinarian marketing approach. This can be a serious problem. Why? Because 64% of people search the Internet for a vet before they contact them.

You can connect the dots here. An Internet-focusedĀ vet marketingĀ approach is much better positioned to gain new clients. When you start to analyze the demographic further you see that the younger pet owners are the ones that use the Internet the most. No surprise there. But if your veterinary practice is struggling to attract younger clients, a thorough examination of the veterinary marketing philosophy is required.