Everything You Need to Know to Stay Modern in the SEO World

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website optimisation tipsDid you know that email marketing can help your company bring in over $40 for every dollar you spend on it? That 63% of respondents in a 2012 marketing survey posited that email campaigns provided the highest opportunity for ROI? That email marketing is the go-to choice for business-to-business marketers looking to expand their brand? If you didn’t, you do now.

It really shouldn’t be surprising that email works best in terms of engaging potential clients, when you look at the numbers. Currently, over 97% of the people who use the Internet have email accounts, and at least 91% of consumers check them daily. Email marketing is effectively an updated version of door-to-door sales — without all the stigma, the awkwardness and the general unpleasantness associated with that particular business method. If you consider your online “self,” your email bin acts as your mailbox, and marketers that can keep directly delivering you information tend to have the advantage over those that can’t.

But creating a professional website and cultivating a successful business isn’t quite that simple. In fact, it’s dependent upon a number of website optimisation tips and marketing boosts, too. Every new web page must be clickable, every new brand relaunch must be strategic and every single piece of content created must be highly engaging and dynamic. Why? Because the longevity of your business depends on it.

Boosting your social media presence.

When it comes to website SEO tips, this one is a total no-brainer. Social media and SEO are the new peanut butter and jelly, and the reason is simple: Everything you do in one area affects the other. A Facebook post should link to a piece of blog content to increase readership, and a tweet should make creative use of hashtags in order to further your particular brand.

Focusing on onsite and offsite SEO content.

As good as your blog needs to look, your entire operation needs the support of offsite pieces to ensure its success. The trick to lasting SEO is really paying attention to the balance between the two. Remember, more offsite stuff will help your onsite stuff become even more visible to Google users.

Freeing yourself to be responsive and reflexive.

In a rapidly evolving industry like SEO, no single business has everything figured out. If they claim they do, they’re lying — because Google could very easily launch a new algorithm update tomorrow. Your website optimisation tips should evolve right along with Google’s changes. Otherwise, you’ll be as outdated and antiquated as GeoCities.

These are just three website optimisation tips to keep in mind. Coupled with email marketing, they represent just a sliver of the full scope your business needs to succeed online. But don’t just take our word for it — go out and try it for yourself.