How people find a vet these days

Written by admin. Posted in Knowledge Base

In modern times people don’t find a vet by opening the yellow pages. Those days are pretty much behind us. Now people find a vet by going online. 64% of people search for local businesses in a popular search engine before they contact them for the first time.

For vets that have not yet oriented themselves to the Internet reality this may be shocking number. Many of them assume that people still find a vet the old fashion way. However, if those vets were to study the return on investment they are getting from their yellow pages spend they would see a defined trend in a bad direction. Those dollars are just not bringing in new pet clients any more. Why? Because people don’t use the yellow pages to find a vet any more.

So what is the solution? The solution is to put your veterinarian marketing budget where your target audience is. And that is online. Your vet marketing strategy needs to be updated to match the behavior of your clients. If they are searching online, then you need to be in the places they are looking. And where do most people first try to find a vet? Google.