How to migrate your vet marketing budget online

Written by admin. Posted in Knowledge Base

Many vets are hesitant to migrate their advertising budget from the tried-and-true yellow pages to an online marketing channel. This is understandable. First, veterinarians, on average, are probably not heavy Internet users (I am generalizing here). This makes them less familiar with how the internet can fit into their veterinarian marketing strategy.

Second, when you have been using a particular method of marketing for a long time, it is hard to change. Even if you see the return on investment of that ad spend dropping as the yellow pages has been for many years, it can still be difficult to make the jump.

So how do vets go about taking the Internet plunge? Well, they can try it on their own. However, the lingo and complications associated with setting up and running your own search engine optimization or pay-per-click campaign will likely require more time than is available. The second option is to work with an online marketing firm that has specific knowledge in the vet marketing space.