Important aspect of vet websites

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Now that everybody and their mother, and their mother’s neighbor’s cousin’s former roommate’s dentist, has their own blog or website, you may be feeling that there are just too many sites to sift through when looking for a specific one. That is what search engines are for, right? Well, sometimes search engines produce thousands or hundreds of thousands results, so that just barely narrows down your search at all. When it comes to looking online for a service, from mechanics to vets, it is difficult to find reliable sources. Of course every commercial website advertises their service as the best. Who do we trust?
Vet websites especially can be hard to sort through because it is impossible to know how well your pet will get along with the vet without meeting him or her in person. But you can gain an awful lot of helpful information from vet websites. You can narrow it down to location, and then look for the specific services you need: smaller pets? Larger pets? Reptiles? House visits? Farm animals? Insurance coverage? Surgery, pills, check ups, nutrition advice?

Another important aspect of vet websites, especially if you are using them to find your new veterinarian, is reviews. Have people posted their feedback? If so, what is it like in this particular office? Is it friendly and hospitable? Is it easy to schedule and appointment? Do most people find that they are satisfied with the service? Reviews can show a vet’s true colors, so take them into account, if they are available.

Vet websites can be helpful in ascertaining what services are available to you, but try not to rely on them entirely. They can give you the facts, but they rarely give the feel of the office, which is what is most important for you and your pet to have a healthy, productive relationship with the vet. Look at vet websites, but go into the offices too