NAVC Florida 2010 Pictures of VetHubs

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Here is a shot of Chad and Adam in the VetHubs booth at the NAVC in Florida 2010. We had a fantastic time and talked to over 1,000 vets about vet marketing, veterinary websites, and the death of yellow pages.

It seems like most vets understand that the landscape for veterinary marketing has changed. Every time I said that the yellow pages were dead or near-dead, they always shook their heads. But when I asked them about how Google was fitting into their veterinary marketing strategy, many had no answer.

This is probably the first phase of understanding: Recognition that change is coming. But the next move is actually planning how your business can benefit from the changes. This is where online marketing emerges for veterinarians.

To date: People who sell veterinarian websites are focused only on the IT behind launching the website. They say the site is SEO optimized, but they don’t really know what that means. They don’t seem to be aware that there is intense competition for page 1 listings on veterinarian terms in most cities. They don’t seem to understand the importance of off-site SEO optimization. We believe they will.

VetHubs is an exciting new service that brings together the best of veterinarian website construction, marketing and SEO in one package. Many of the vets who stopped by to see us were excited about our entry into the space. They commented on how many of the talks were emphasizing the Internet and vet websites, but that the vendors to support those initiatives had yet to appear. We are excited to be joining the veterinarian community to meet this emerging demand and look forward to seeing our new friends again at many conferences to come.