New year, new vet marketing approach

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As we ring in 2010 it is probably time for many vets to dust off their marketing plans and update them. Yes, that’s right – many veterinary practices are still using a page from the veterinarian marketing guide from 1985. This is a big problem folks.

Why? Because the word Internet didn’t exist in 1985. As much as some people want to ignore the trends, the Internet – and Google in particular – is really changing how potential clients find their veterinary office.

It used to be that the yellow pages was the primary new customer acquisition mechanism for a veterinary clinic. Not so any more. A recent study shows that 64% of people will consult the Internet before contacting a vet for the first time. For veterinary practices that still use that marketing plan circa 1985, this is bad news.

Outdated vet marketing means that you are not optimized for the channel that has the biggest growth potential. The Internet is not simply an investment in the future either. It is here and now. If you are wondering why your practice is slowing, perhaps the answer is staring you in the face (that is, if your home page is Google like mine is).

Yes – Google is a vets best friend. That is, if you know the right marketing strategies and tools, you can see a steady stream of new clients right from Google. Or perhaps you are more happy to cozy up with your 1985 marketing plan and a re-run of Mork and Mindy.

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