The evolution of veterinarian marketing strategies

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Marketing is changing for all types of businesses. Since the invention of the Internet things have been on a rapid path to reinvention. And marketing has been changed perhaps the most dramatically over the last 15 years. This is true for all types of businesses and applies as much for veterinarians as any other small business. In this article will talk about the evolution of veterinary and marketing in the Internet age.

Veterinarian marketing has traditionally been through word-of-mouth and customer referrals. There are many books on the subject that discuss how to set up a vet clinic and start getting the word out about your services. Most of the traditional ones emphasize the importance of good customer service, as in any customer facing business. Vets need to have happy customers so that they go home and tell their friends about where they took their pets. This kind of that marketing is perhaps the best because a trusted source will bring in new clients every day.

But you also need to find clients who don’t know someone who’s been to your veterinarian clinic. For this most vets have traditionally marketed through the Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages has been a trusted source of customer acquisition for many decades. In the pre-Internet days this is how people found businesses. And in vet school they talk about setting up a marketing plan includes Yellow Pages advertising to get your business launched.

But the sad truth is that Yellow Pages is not effective for the modern veterinarian marketing plan. There is a migration underway since the Internet came onto the scene away from Yellow Pages advertising. And the reason people are moving away from Yellow Pages is because customers are no longer using those books. Many households don’t even keep a phone book any longer. Particularly in younger demographics people prefer to search for veterinarians online. Thus the marketing strategy of the veterinarian clinic needs to evolve and adapt to remain competitive.

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