The Importance Of Having A Modern Vet Marketing Campaign

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Vet marketing is a very important aspect of any veterinary practice; you can not simply expect pet owners to magically find your practice and patronize it with their business when it comes time to address the health care needs of their pet. Of course, there will always be a few pet owners who simply happen to stumble upon your practice when they are in need of veterinary services, but without an effective and pervasive vet marketing campaign, you will be missing out on a significant amount of business. An effective and modern vet marketing campaign must encompass not only the traditional mediums of advertising and marketing, such as the yellow pages of the phone book, local television commercials and radio ad spots, but also the internet, which has become by far the most accessed source of information by a majority of people for all of their questions and information needs on just about any topic.

In the past, it may have been sufficient for your vet marketing campaign to consist of a well sized listing in the yellow pages of the local phone book, a few television commercials on a handful of local stations, and a couple of ad spots on local radio stations. A few decades ago, these few things would attract a significant number of pet owners to your veterinary practice, if the advertisements were appealing enough. These days, however, few people ever open up the phone book for any reason, let alone listen to television or radio commercials; the phone book has been replaced by internet search engines, many people use a DVR to skip over the commercials broadcast during their favorite shows, and many people listen almost exclusively to internet radio stations, satellite radio stations and digital music files. Therefore, a modern vet marketing campaign must include, and even center around, a prominent and professional online presence. Such an online vet marketing campaign should include at the very least a clean and professional website for the veterinary practice that makes efficient and effective use of search engine optimization, or SEO, techniques to make sure that it ranks highly with the search engines and is featured near the top of the search engine results pages for relevant searches. When most people need to find a veterinarian, or any other business to meet whatever need they have at the moment and are searching for a solution to, they will turn to an internet search engine for immediate and highly targeted and relevant results and information, so an effective vet marketing campaign absolutely must cover internet search engine queries.

Other important aspects of a modern vet marketing campaign include the many different popular websites that are categorically known as social media websites. Such sites include Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, amongst others. Your vet marketing strategy should include at the very least a Facebook page, since Facebook is quite possibly the single most popular medium for communication these days outside of the cellular phone. No longer do only college students and high school students use Facebook to chat and connect, but professionals and people of all ages now have Facebook pages and use the site for all sorts of networking and business purposes, so your vet marketing strategies should definitely factor in the prominence of Facebook. Myspace has lost a lot of popularity since Facebook became popular, but it can still bring in some business, and Twitter offers a way to connect and communicate with a very specific and highly relevant network of people, so it can also be an important part of any modern vet marketing campaign.

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