The new approach to veterinary marketing

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The old approach to veterinarian marketing included buying yellow page space and hoping your customers would talk to their friends about your great pet services. In the old days many people use the Yellow Pages to locate veterinarian clinics they were near them to take their dog or cat. But times are changing quickly and people no longer turn to Yellow Pages for information about vets.

More and more people are turning online when they want vet information for their pet. Veterinarians are slowly adapting although the industry as a whole has been behind several other segments in embracing online marketing techniques. Dentist for example have started to understand that they can acquire new patients more quickly through aggressive online marketing strategies. But we have yet to see this fully embraced in the veterinarian marketing plan. However it is my projection that this will not last long.

Modern veterinarian marketing includes a strong website and a plan to be highly ranked in the search engines. May people search for vets in search engines like Google and want to find services for their dogs organically. Others will click on pay per click advertisements in the search engines when looking for veteran services. Because more more people are turning to search engines as their primary source of information about that, the Yellow Pages are becoming less and less effective and need to start to be phased out of the veterinarian marketing plan.

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