The yellow pages don’t work anymore

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There is a sad truth out there that most vegetarians don’t want to knowledge. Simply put, the yellow pages don’t work anymore. Even the yellow page people understand this dynamic. They’ve been working for several years to migrate the spending of most veterinarian clinics from their paper directory to an online directory. This is a very bad idea and we want to tell you why. The modern vet marketing strategy should include a very different erection than the reincarnated Yellow Pages online.

A major shift that is and is that moving to an Internet-based veterinarian marketing strategy allows you to do better than just being a listing in a directory. This is a truth to the yellow page people don’t want you to know. They want you to believe that he only change this and is that the directory has gone from a paper-based book to an Internet version. I would be very wonderful for them because they can keep you on their high-priced revenue model of paying for inclusion. But the real secret is they don’t need them at all. In fact you can do better with your marketing dollars by not being in the yellow pages online directory entirely.

The smart veterinarian marketing plan completely cuts out yellow page online directories. Instead those dollars are redirected to search engine optimization for the veterinarian’s website itself. What most vets don’t comprehend is that putting those same dollars to search engine optimization towards their own website can actually get the website to rank better than the online yellow pages directory itself. And that through a bit and you’ll discover that there is a much higher return for having your own website higher up in the Google search results and super pages or Yellow Pages online. Why compete with all those other vets in the same directory when you can have visitors coming straight to your site and bypass the middleman? This is the reality and the smarter veterinarians are moving to this online marketing strategy and cutting out yellow pages entirely.

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