Seven Tips For Veterinarian Website Marketing

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veterinary websites best practicesAnimals have a great instinct for judging character. Your human customers, on the other hand, judge businesses based on their websites. A sloppy, untrained veterinarian website will turn away flocks of potential customers.

So if you’re searching for veterinary websites best practices 2015, then we have seven veterinarian marketing ideas every manager needs to know.

A Strong Web Presence Is NOT Optional Anymore
The days of looking up services in the phonebook have gone the way of the Dodo bird. Today, 64% of all Americans depend on search engines to find new local businesses. If you aren’t online, your competitors already are.

New Customers Live Online
About 80% of millennials, those prized consumers aged 18-34, use search engines to find veterinarians for their pets. If you want to attract new customers every year, then optimizing your website’s search performance is crucial to future success.

Make Search Engine Optimization Work For You
For every dollar companies spend on Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short), they see a return rate of $22 on average.

A Company Blog Drives Traffic
A regularly updated company blog can help drive traffic to your veterinarian website. And web traffic will ultimately transform into foot traffic. An estimated 60% of all small businesses have acquired at least one customer through their blog.

SEO Companies Can Deliver Results
These website SEO tips can help improve your search performance, but a professional SEO company, especially one that focuses on veterinarian websites, already knows veterinary websites best practices 2015.

When you compare business owners who do their SEO in-house with those who went to an SEO agency, twice as many report being highly satisfied with their agency experience.