Veterinarian marketing in the Internet era

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Vet marketing is changing. In the old days you could read the handy ‘how to market my Vet clinic’ guidebook and you would know that all you need is an office, reliable staff and a yellow pages budget. 1-2-3, instant veterinarian practice.

Okay, it is not that easy and I don’t mean to belittle. Starting any business is extremely difficult. Long hours and self-doubt can creep in when you wonder if you have done the right thing by starting a practice.

But veterinarian marketing is different today. Today’s clients are not using the yellow pages to find their vet. That means that the vet marketing budget needs to change to keep up with the times. Specifically, a modern veterinarian marketing budget now needs to include different channels.

And, gasp, a modern vet marketing strategy will actually contemplate an eventual elimination of the yellow pages advertising budget. I know – Crazy talk. But really, that is the trend. And your yellow pages sales rep knows it. This is why they have been selling you space in their online directories. The yellow pages knows that their days as a fixture in your marketing budget are limited.

But there is a better way. You should be investing your marketing dollars into Internet marketing for your veterinary website. You can advertise yourself in the popular search engines like Google and you can also promote your website in the organic listings. For more on how to have a well-tuned veterinarian marketing strategy that is built for the modern Internet era, contact VetHubs today.