VetHubs at the NAVC 2010 – Orlando, FL

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We had a great time at the 2010 NAVC. It is always a pleasure to be able to talk to several hundred veterinarians in the short span of a few days. Sure, Chad and I are tired from standing at the booth for 4 days straight, but we had over 1,000 NAVC conference-goers come by and talk to us about VetHubs.

We were pleased by how many at the NAVC were up-to-date on the need for search engine optimization in the veterinary space. We heard from several NAVC folks that there were marketing talks about the importance of a veterinary website and SEO. We had many people specifically asking us how we could move their veterinary website up the rankings with SEO.

What was the most surprising part of NAVC 2010?

For me, the fact that so many vets still don’t have any website was amazing. I told just about everyone that Google is the new yellow pages and not a single vet disagreed with me. So if a vet agrees with that, but doesn’t have a website, isn’t that like not being in the modern version of the yellow pages?

The second thing I learned at NAVC 2010 was that many veterinarians are not satisfied with their current websites. As it turns out, many vets have had a nephew, brother-in-law or friend of a vet tech develop the site. While this may have saved money at first, they now have an out-of-date vet website and are having a hard time finding people to work on it.

Veterinarian websites have come a long way in the last 10 years. And there were several find vendors at the NAVC this year presenting modern, inexpensive and effective websites that Vets could purchase. Of course we felt that VetHubs was offering the most cost-effective, high-quality solution 😉

Thanks for stopping by our booth and we’ll see you at the next vet conference.

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