What to do when your vet business slows down

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We are in a huge recession in this country. This has been the worst financial decline since the Great Depression. Yet, people are hanging on. And if you run a small business, it can be hard. A veterinary practice is essentially a small business and faces many of the same headwinds of other businesses.
But unlike other businesses, vet clinics seem to be migrating to Internet vet marketing strategies slower than other industries. This was true before the economic slowdown, but even more so now.

So what do you do when your vet business slows? Well, it is natural to pull back on expenses when business is bad. To a degree, this is prudent. Ignoring the signals of your slowing vet practice can result in disaster. But ironically, pulling back on vet marketing can actually accelerate your decline. It’s a bit of a catch-22 isn’t it?

No doubt about it, when you cut your veterinary marketing budget you will see less new clients walking in the door. At a time when business is already sagging, this can result in a serious problem. We talk to many vets and know that this stuff can keep you up at night. You worry about your staff, and their livelihoods. Many of these people have probably been faithful employees for many years. And what will happen if you have to lay them off?

Well we hope that it will not come to that. If you deploy a well-conceived and intensely targeted veterinary marketing campaign you can find that your cost per client acquisition can actually be lower than it was back in the yellow page hay-day. No, not free. If you knew of a way to get clients at no cost you would essentially be printing money. But there are Internet-based veterinary marketing approaches that many vets simply are not tuned into.

Sure, most vets have a website. But they see it as a static thing. It just sits there. Or perhaps gives out the main vet clinic phone number. But what if it was an active member of the marketing team? What if there was a steady stream of new customers finding your vet website and calling for appointments. Wouldn’t you think of your website in different terms then? Wouldn’t that be worth spending some money on in these hard times to ensure your business thrives as the economy turns up?

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