Why the veterinarian website is critical today

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Is the veterinarian website so critical for any veterinarian clinic? The answer is simple. The Yellow Pages are dying and the Internet is booming. This means that potential customers are no longer looking up their best services in the Yellow Pages. Even the usage of online yellow page directories is declined over the last three years in a very dramatic fashion. In that same time the use of Google to find that services has skyrocketed. This means that the front door to acquiring new pet owner customers is your webpage. And no longer is it the Yellow Pages ad used to pay each quarter to maintain. This puts a new emphasis on the veterinarian website that never existed before.

Understanding this dynamic means you probably need to dust off and update your veterinarian website entirely. It was probably built in the late 90s or five or more years ago before the Web 2.0 revolution. Websites today are much more dynamic and have a different look and feel than they did even five years ago. And while you’re older customers may not feel to recognize the difference, your younger clients will certainly be attracted to the more updated websites. Most bats are interested in attracting new customers in the younger demographic who will grow with them and be the next generation of pet owners. For these folks your veterinarian website needs to be appropriately engineered and marketed.

Almost of this sounds like bad news because you thought your veterinarian website was fine, there’s other good news for you. The cost of website design has come down dramatically in the last five years as well. This means you will be able to launch a completely reengineered website at a fraction of the cost you probably paid for the last one. And this is ironic because your new veteran website will perform 10 times better at attracting customers and directing them to contact you.

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